Shiver me Whiskies

I’m really stretching for a title here – I’m not even going to bother trying to defend that. Well, I have some more bluegrass for you today, being Friday. I think that’ll be the end of my streak of bluegrass posts – at least, for now.

Today I bring you the fiddle stylings of the Whiskey Shivers.

If yesterday’s post was more folkish than bluegrass…ish, then we’re back to a similar style to the Rock Creek Ramblers with the Whiskey Shivers and their 2009 Demo EP, which is appropriately (if not unimaginatively) titled Demo 2009. And this time, they’re not from the last place on Earth you’d expect to find bluegrass music.

They’re actually from Austin, Texas, which I guess is the closest I’ve gotten this week to finding “authentic” bluegrass (whatever that actually means). Demo 2009 gives us some traditional instruments, plus some nice vocal harmonies. Oh, and the always-lovely washboard. Essentially, exactly what I expected to hear when I downloaded the album from CLLCT.

The subject matter of the songs aren’t buried deep within the lyrics – you can discern what most of them are about by just looking at the title (“Whiskey Before Breakfast”, for example). Again though, that’s pretty much what I was expecting, so in the words of someone anywhere on the Internet, I am not disappoint.

You can download Demo 2009 from CLLCT. Or, you can go check out their first full-length release, Monster Hawg, from the Whiskey Shivers website. It’s only $10, and based on their Demo EP, I’d say it’s worth throwing into the shopping cart.

See you tomorrow for the podcast!

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