#24 – Themecast #1 – Swingers

The podcast this week is a little different than what most might be expecting – as I mentioned in the last episode, I’ve been planning a couple of theme podcasts.  Welcome to Themecast #1!  All the music in today’s show is swing music.  This has resulted in a slightly shorter show actually, because it was slightly difficult to find music to fit the bill – well, music that I liked.  I think I found some great stuff; listen for yourself and decide!  Playlist follows below…


  1. Latché Swing – Sweet Georgia Brown
  2. Aló Django – How High the Moon / I Got Rhythm
  3. The Mobcat Orchestra – Mobcat Swing
  4. The Swing Ninjas – King of the Swingers
  5. The Underscore Orkestra – Devil with the Devil (Still don’t know if this is original or trad. but I think it’s original)
  6. Red Hook Ramblers – Apple Pie

Total running time: 0:27:28

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