Remixing the Woodlands

Okay back to “real” music today.  If you didn’t like the instrumental stuff I posted yesterday, I’m sorry – I promise I have more “mainstream” stuff.  And by that I don’t mean music getting radio play.

For today?  How about some remixes of The Woodlands?

I’m not really sure where I snagged this link from – it could have been one of the many bands I follow on Twitter, but regardless – it’s free music that you can download without worry.  That is my favourite kind of free music.  Before I get to the music itself, I thought I’d look up a little info about the band.

They’re from Portland, OR (same as Underscore Orkestra!  Cool!) and are currently an unsigned, fully independant band.  Rather than try to put it in my own words, here’s a bit of their bio from their myspace page:

The Woodlands are an indie folk-pop duo who craft songs of lyrical poetry, lush melody and lingering revelry. They conjure faraway lands and the longing of lovers with timeless imagery that unearths both the shadow of tragedy and the glisten of wonder.

Their “Heavy Hands” remix album is available for free on their Bandcamp website, and it’s pretty good.  Definitely less airy / folky than I would have expected given their bio.  There are 5 tracks up for grabs; alternatively, you can also shell out $6 and get a physical CD mailed to you.

Heavy Hands Remix on

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