Tha Silent Partner Does Italy

I said I would find some hip hop – and this isn’t even the “lead” I mentioned yesterday.  Actually, I forgot that this release was coming down the pipe from Blocsonic.  It’s the latest work from Tha Silent Partner, TSP Does Italy.

I hate writing about hip hop – I’ve said as much in the past – mostly because I don’t write about music very well in the first place, and I know even less about hip hop.  But I’m going to try anyway.

This album is entirely instrumental, all of them tracks intended originally for a project with Esa AKA El Presidente (what a name!).  That project was never released, so Tha Silent Partner released them via Blocsonic to the masses.  The result is this neat little EP, which has a few different sounds and themes running through it.

Most of it is rather melodic, and easy to listen to.  One track actually reminded me of a soundtrack you’d hear in some 70s movie of some sort.  Honestly, I can’t describe it any better than that!  Thet rack in question is Thinkinboutu, by the way.

And actually, it seems like these tracks were meant to go on-screen – and I don’t say that just because one of the tracks is titled ‘Cinema’.  I don’t know what the unreleased project between TSP and El Presidente entailed, but something tells me it was something visual as well as cool beats.

You can grab TSP Does Italy from Blocsonic; links are at the top of the post.

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