Nick Tann + Podcast recommendation

Rathole Radio is always a great source for me for finding new music, and his last show – #50 – was no disappointment.  He had singer/songwriter Nick Tann on for an interview, and played some of his songs.  They were all quite good!  And the even better news is that Tann makes his music available on a Name-Your-Price (or as I’ve now decided to call it, NYP) basis on Bandcamp.

His music is mostly acoustic folk, though there are a few electric elements thrown in for good measure.  His latest album, Life is a River, is slightly more upbeat than Don’t Make Me Wait.  Of course, both are still worth a listen (if not a download), so be sure to check them out.

One of the other things Nick is working on is his Vinyl Project, which sounds rather nifty.  It’s one of those projects where you donate to it, and get to be a “producer” of sorts.  The details are all on Tann’s website, but very briefly, you get the following by donating just 10 pounds:
– Immediate CD copy of The Vinyl Project
– access to restricted Vinyl Project pages
– your name listed in the credits of the final product
– tons of other little goodies

So if you’re interested in helping to support a very cool-sounding project, check out The Vinyl Project when you get a moment.

Also, Nick runs a podcast of his own called Is This Thing On?  I’ve listened to the latest episode and really liked his music choices.  I highly recommend listening to it; it’s on iTunes, or you can just subscribe via the website.

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