Flat People

Here is an album I very much enjoyed: Flat People, by Flat People.  It’s a self-titled debut album, released back in September 2010.  I’m disappointed that I missed the release, but glad that I’ve found it now.

Flat People hail from Dallas, TX, and produce a sound that is easiest described as indie rock, but they display a pretty wide-ranging range of style throughout their 12-track album.  I don’t want to go on about it too much – I do plan on featuring a track or two on the podcast – but I will point out some favourite tracks of mine.

These tracks are so-favoured, mainly because they remind me so much of Sloan.  “A Year From Now (Where’s the Emotion Baby)” and “Isn’t it Time” are really awesome, but I think what constitutes a possible “signiature sound” is their opening track, “Sensitive Clumsy Astronaut”.

It’s a really cool, diverse album – check it out when you can.

1 thought on “Flat People”

  1. Thanks for kind words, steve.my brother just told me about your airwaves. Keep it up. Liked what I heard!-Bob guittard (of flat people)


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