Who Wants Album Samplers?

Everyone wants album samplers, that’s who!  I honestly think album samplers are the greatest thing to exist on the Internet, because you can get some cool free music and potentially discover an artist that you want to hear more from.

And, they let people who run music blogs/podcast mail in a post when they’re having a busy week and can’t catch up on seemingly endless lists of free music available.  People like me.

With that said, I present to you a link I found via Free Albums Galore: the Dead Bees Label Samplers.  According to Free Albums, Dead Bees is a French label that specializes mostly in “alternative” and “shoegaze” indie rock.  Pardon my ignorance, but what is shoegaze anyway?

At any rate, there are links to three different samplers over at Free Albums Galore, and Marvin does a much better write-up than I do.  Go check it out, and in the meantime, I will do my best to write some better blog posts.

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