Mercury in Summer (Goes Up)

A neat little EP to bring us to the weekend: I Believe by Mercury in Summer.  Before I get to the music, I just want to take a minute to point out that the band has a really awesome-looking logo. Oh, and look at that fro!

Moving along from hair styles, I Believe is pure pop, with a bit of R&B thrown in.  Actually, it is sort of along the lines of the Jackson 5 (did you know that Sigmund Esco “Jackie” Jackson was born 60 years ago on May 4th?  Thanks to my music history calendar, I do!), but leaning more on the pop side.  It’s an entertaining EP, and seems to re-hash a couple of songs from their earlier album, Can You Feel It?  There are some other tracks on that one not on I Believe, so it’s probably also worth checking out.

Just some quick facts about Mercury in Summer: they’re from Washington, D.C. (or, as their Facebook page says, “from the DC Area”).  They seem to like to label themselves as a rock band, though I think they have a loose definition of the term.  The band members are: Brian Jones, Richard Wynne, and Brendan McCusker.

Also, stay tuned Monday for a cool new feature I’m planning!

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