[Label Gazing] Featured Dead Bees Artist – Cobson

One of the artists I picked out as my favourites of the three Dead Bees samplers I downloaded (and I will be downloading more – there are, after all, 7 more samplers ready to download from their website) was Cobson.  Her song, “Rubbish”, was pure girl rock (is that the right term?), and reminded me specifically of one of my favourite Canadian bands, Magneta Lane.

Cobson, currently based in Montpellier, France (where she studied briefly in Foreign Languages before devoting her time to music), and sings for the band Montevideo.  Unfortunately there’s not much more information available about Cobson, as the link to her blog seems to no longer function.  At any rate, her music is quite good, and available for purchase over at Dead Bees.

Cobson has 2 EPs available, as well as a few other tracks for free download.  If you want to try out her stuff before committing the money, I recommend these tracks:
Social Disaster

And don’t forget to stream her Bike EP, which is also very good.

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