Friday Free Music Links

I’ve been extremely busy working ahead so I can go on vacation next week, so I forgot that I didn’t even have a post ready to go today!  Plus, Blogger was having some issues earlier (which also resulted in one of my posts vanishing – hoping that it comes back later, because I don’t really want to type it out from memory again), so there you have it.  Anyway, I thought today I’d do a bit of a link-fest and let you know what some other blogs have highlighted in the past week and a bit.  I’ll save myself from typing – unless otherwise specified, I got most of these from

  • Laura Stevenson and the Cans: A Record – I got the link to this sweet-sounding indie folk album on Monday.  It’s a neat mixture of the traditional acoustic sound you might expect from folk music, with some neat brass sounds mixed in.
  • Lungs for Gills – One Man & Thousand Ghosts – Quebec City-based band Lungs for Gills creates a unique spacey kind of sound on this album.  At times jangly, this is a slower-paced album with a few faster songs, but is probably not recommended for driving.  But it’s still worth a listen.
  • Studebaker’s Blacksmith Shop – Nebula – A funk-tinged (that sounds really gross, now that I read it back) alternative group from Germany puts together a cool, bluesy album.  Really like the lead singer’s voice.  This find was originally from FrostClick but their link doesn’t seem to work, so I’m linking straight to the Jamendo page for the album.
  • Frozen Geese – The Starseed – From Free Albums Galore, The Starseed deserves a mention for the mere fact that their album was released only on cassette in 2010.  They also have an interesting sound, worth checking out.  Perhaps, if you wanted to share this with someone else, it would be fitting to dub to cassette? EDIT: Dave from Frozen Geese has provided a link to buy said cassette – feel free to do so if you still have a machine capable of playing tapes.
  • Pawky Maven – Pruning Hooks – Another album similar in the vein of Laura Stevenson & the Cans.  In other words, light indie folk-pop.  Pawky Maven hails from North Carolina, and also has a bit of a southern rock in their music.  Love the name.

One little note – my friend Mike is getting some more air time on CKCU starting next week, and has extended me the opportunity to produce a one-song segment highlighting Creative Commons tunes.  I’ll have full details on Monday – in the meantime, enjoy the music!

6 thoughts on “Friday Free Music Links”

  1. wellits kind of long–and i didnt like it all in 1 go on cd,and wecouldnt afford double vinyl for this one(though we're working onn that)–so cassette seemed just right to me–2 halves—also–the whole thinng was recorded on my old cassette 4 track because the computer broke—!-so–seemed to make sense–thanks for your interest Steve..–glad people are finding it off the fma–coolDave


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