New Weekly Feature

Seems like I’m just announcing new features every Monday.  Well, this time it’s not my idea for a feature, but instead my buddy Mike.  He is getting some airtime on CKCU, Tuesdays from 1pm-2pm, and extended me the invitation to produce a short one-song segment for him.  That segment is called Steve’s Picks (working title for now, but it’ll probably stick), and will feature a creative commons tune with a bit of info about it provided by me.

You’ll be able to hear it live by tuning in every Tuesday between 1pm and 2pm on CKCU (93.1 FM or, and I will also be putting the track up on the blog the following Wednesday.  As a result, you’re going to start seeing these picks show up in the iTunes feed every week.

Of course, as I said – they won’t go up until the next day 😉

So tune in tomorrow between 1pm and 2pm to hear my friend Mike on CKCU!

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