Emerald Park – Slow 2004-2005

Happy Victoria Day!  Let me just start with mentiong that I’ve been on vacation since Thursday (actually, I’m still on vacation, travelling back to civilization on Tuesday), and in those few days of bliss, I have accomplished the following:
– Read a ton of Michael J. Fox’s memoirs, Lucky Man
– Done fuck all
– Finished quite a few crossword puzzles
– Watched a great Doctor Who episode, “The Doctor’s Wife”
– Took the dog on long walks

Yeah, so about the only time I spent listening to music was done at about 12:50 AM Sunday morning.  The only album I listened to was an EP from Emerald Park called Slow 2004-2005.  Here’s the brief story behind this EP.

The four songs on this EP were recorded during (surprisingly) the years 2004 and 2005, when the band had a significantly different sound and line-up than it has now.  The first two tracks come from Emerald Park’s debut album, Sadness Within.  The last two are from the single for “My Star” (which apparently was a bit of a hit among the student radio scene).

You can definitely hear the difference in sound when you listen to this EP, and compare it to their latest effort, For Tomorrow.  It’s slower in pace (hence the title of the EP), and upon listening, I’m glad that they went in a different direction 5 years later.  It’s still some good music though – it’s just different from what I was introduced to.

You can download the EP for free courtesy of 23 Seconds Netlabel over at afmusic.

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