Friday Quick Link

You know how short weeks are supposed to be relaxing, because they’re over so soon?  Not the case for me.  I took three days off work, and am now behind.  I haven’t really put much time into the blog at home because I haven’t really felt like doing much after getting home from work.  So, you get a not-so-thought-provoking Friday post like this one this week!

Actually, I was doing some work for the podcast (this weekend’s podcast is of the “mailed-in” variety, somewhat) when I found the artist I thought I’d link to.  The album/artist combo today is Dark Room by UK band Hot Fiction.  Currently their song “If I Had a Girl” sits at #76 on Jamendo’s Top 100, but I think that’s only because the Top 100 list seems to be controlled by people who really like ambient music.  I digress.

Dark Room is a 13-track Blues-Rock venture released during the summer last year.  I’m trying to think of an artist to which I can compare Hot Fiction, but I think if you just imagine any typical blues-inspired grungy rock band, you can get a decent idea.

Hot Fiction is a duo made up of Andy Yeoh and Simon Miller.  Here’s how they describe the music:
“… if the Black Keys and the White Stripes had both turned up at a Jimi Hendrix gig, been invited along to an Eagles of Death Metal themed after-party, fallen in love and, that Autumn, marched down the aisle to be married by Seasick Steve… and Queens of the Stone Age was the wedding band… and everyone in the chapel was dressed like a pirate… well then it might have sounded a little like Hot Fiction.”

Definitely a creative group.  Expect to hear them a lot in future podcasts!

 Unrelated side note: I think I’m axing Label Gazing, at least in its current format.  Going to keep it a monthly thing, but just one post a month on it.

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