New Bella Ruse Video + Single

Because I can’t write enough about Bella Ruse, I thought I’d let you know of their latest music video efforts.  They officially released it last Thursday, though if you’re a member of the mailing list, you might have seen a sneak preview of it a few days before that.  The video is for their newest single, “Gumption & Guts”.

This is the first video they’ve done with an actual production budget and a studio (from what I can gather).  While they’ve done their other videos via other (quite creative) methods, this one was done professionally and looks quite good.  And, it’s a good song – so it’s a win on all levels.

As I mentioned, it’s for the single “Gumption & Guts” – which they released on Bandcamp for a mere $1.99.  The single is comprised of the album version and a different cut sung by bandmate Joseph.  You could get it free, if you were a member of the Bella Ruse mailing list – but I think that offer has sailed, so you’ll have to wait until they release the next single.

Until then, of course, $1.99 is pretty good for two songs.  About what you’d pay on iTunes.  But you should probably get the entire album, which is also very good.

Postscript: if you want a copy of the aforementioned newsletter to get a free copy of the latest Gumption & Guts single, I can share it with 5 people.  Send a note to if you want in on the action.

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