Steve’s Pick #3 :: Alison Crowe: “Halelujah”

Original Air Date: Tuesday, May 31, 2011
Artist: Alison Crowe
Track: Halelujah
Album: N/A (Live)
Genre: Folk

Info in Brief: Canadian singer/songwriter, Alison Crowe is a big name in the Creative Commons circles.  She releases all her original tracks under a Creative Commons license.  She currently has at least 8 albums of her own work, plus numerous covers apart from this Cohen classic.  A bit of trivia: her version of Halelujah was originally supposed to be played during a scene in the film The Watchmen!  Unfortunately, according to director Zack Snyder, her version was “too romantic” and “sexy” for a scene that was supposed to “come across as ironic”.  See her laundry list of covers here:

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