Friday Free Music – Workshop O.S.T.

One of my emerging favourite netlabels, Aaahh Records, recently released a fun little compilation album featuring some rare / secret tracks from artists on their label.  It’s a good mix of sounds, and is available for free download from their website.  Here’s the track listing:

1. Nicolas Falcon – Big Big Boss (cc-by)
2. Entertainment for the Braindead – Coming Back (cc-by-nc-nd)
3. Keyboard Rebel – Of Late at the Fairground (c)
4. Emilie Lund – Something is Eating me (cc-by-nc)
5. Bryyn – Lunar Patterns (cc-by-nc)
6. ne:o –glückinderluft (cc-by-nc-nd)
7. Uniform Motion – Roll Over (cc-by-nc-sa)
8. MSC – Schrott, Mann! (cc-by-nc-sa)
9. The Wind Whistles – Ballad of a Murderous Wife (c)

You can download Workshop O.S.T. here:

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