Frontregen – Frontregen

Still catching up on my little backlog of free music to listen to.  Up today is Austrian group Frontregen, with their self-titled December 2010 release Frontregen.

It’s hard to classify this album into a particular genre, which is why I think it’s tagged only as “Indie” on  At times, they’re playing a really intense alternative rock, while at others they’re on a lighter, folk-pop sound.  It all works pretty smoothly overall though, so don’t take this as a complaint!

They have an interesting blend of instruments apart from your standard guitar/bass/drums.  They’ve got a piano in there on some tracks, and probably a few more I can’t immediately pick out.  However, it all comes together to make a very nice, melodic sound.

Some tracks I would recommend: “Master Plan”, “Stories”, and “Get Up, Get Out, Get On”.  Great album!

Also, don’t forget to tune into CKCU FM today at 1:00 PM EST for Audio Sensory Resuscitation with Mike Mersereau!  You can hear my next pick of the week at some point in there as well.

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