The Patinettes + Show Announcement was looking for a catchy bluegrass band to link to (reasons why will become apparent below) – but did you know that Jamendo does not have a bluegrass tag?  Of all the styles and genres on, no one has tagged anything as bluegrass.  Interesting!  At any rate, I found a band that I thought played the exact style that I was looking for anyway: The Patinettes!

The Patinettes are a band based in Zaragoza, Spain (I don’t even know where that is, to be honest) that plays a mix of country, folk, rock, bluegrass, and even a little bit of surf thrown in for good measure.  The result is a fun album – called Bliss – with a little bit for everyone.  I think the track that won me over was the second one – “The Man With the Electric Flag”.

There’s not too much else information about them online, but if I’ve missed anything, please point it in my direction!

Now, the reason why I was looking for a band of this type: coming up tomorrow night (Friday, June 10th) is another show by Capital Grass and the No Men!  This time they are playing at Zaphod Beeblebrox with Mark Martrye & Justice R.F. 

Their music is similar (but a little different) than The Patinettes, and they put on a pretty good live show.  Check them out if you’re in the Ottawa area!

2 thoughts on “The Patinettes + Show Announcement”

  1. That's crazy… Same thing happened to me. I was searching for Bluegrass in Jamendo and stumbled onto these dudes.They are amazing…. I couldn't find much info about them either.


  2. The Patinettes have some pretty gifted members. The potential of these guys are amazing. I had the very good fortune of catching a show in Zaragoza, at 5 euro a head it was a screamer of a night! Fantastic because it was kinda unexpected on my side. Best five euro ever spent. "the man with the electric flag" brought the house down! pati the lead singer has a voice to rival any of the best out there with amazing drumming and killer solos I was cheerfully blown away! Ones to watch if you can only find them!!! Aoife.


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