It’s St. Jean Baptiste Week!

Happy Monday, everyone!  Definitely a good start to the week here in Ottawa, with the sun shining brightly.  I don’t have a link to free music today – I simply enjoyed the weekend far too much (and I don’t mean I drank a lot, the weather was just really nice and I didn’t use a computer very much), so I’m not really prepared for the week yet.  But I do have some things to link to and talk about, so let’s get started!

As the title of this post indicates, it’s St. Jean Baptiste Week here at Alternative Airwaves.  What does this mean?  Well, June 24th is the Quebec National Holiday – otherwise known as St. Jean Baptiste Day.  You can read the full history via the Wikipedia link I provided, but the gist of it is that it is a European tradition that trickled down to the French colonies.  Everybody gets a day off, and I’m pretty sure it’s often a good excuse for a party (just like Canada Day!).

Why is this relevant?  Because there is a veritable boat load of artists from Quebec who release their music under Creative Commons licenses.  Probably too many for me to play them all this week, but that is the aim: to introduce you to some great bands from La Belle Provence.  And then it’ll all be capped off on Saturday, when the podcast will feature some of that great music (and maybe others I don’t blog about in four days).  It’s sure to be a great time for everybody.

 I said I had a link – and I do.  I just listened to episode 54 of Rathole Radio, and it was a very good show.  Well, it always is, but I particularly enjoyed the music this time around.  I highly recommend giving it a listen, and to subscribe to it.  You can do so at, or you can find it on iTunes.

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