Sweet Mother Logic Revisited

As part of “St. Jean Baptiste Week” at Alternative Airwaves, here is another great band from Quebec.

Late last year, I blogged about Sweet Mother Logic – an instrumental group out of Montreal.  Since I already spoke about their awesome instrumental prowress to great extent, I won’t break out the purple prose here a second time – but I still think that their self-titled album holds up very well.

I will admit, on a listen separated by almost a year, it took a little bit to get into the music.  To be fair, that’s mostly because I wasn’t really in the mood for instrumental at the time I put this post together.  I still think that SML (my own acronym) is one of the best outfits Quebec has to offer when it comes to the Creative Commons scene, and that is why I’m re-linking their music this week.

You can download the full Sweet Mother Logic album as well as The Ascension Island EP from Jamendo.com.

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