Mouth’s Cradle: The Next Big Thing

The other day (actually, it was probably last week – I’m slow at keeping up with these things), I stumbled across a FrostWire exclusive offering.  I didn’t actually read the article – which is over here, by the way – but instead listened straight away to the music.  It was a selection of 7 songs from the album The Next Big Thing by Mouth’s Cradle.  At first, I assumed it was the entire album – this is the way FrostWire/FrostClick does things, because they are awesome in that way.

Mouth’s Cradle is also awesome – and the minute I heard “Front Porch, Back Porch” I realized that I heard these guys before.  I can’t remember exactly where, but I’ll assume it was on the local alternative radio station.  I don’t know how to classify these guys, though.  I mean, they’re not exactly an alternative group straight-up, but rather an amalgam of pop, hip-hop, and of course, alternative.

The result is an amazingly unique sound, and I really like it.  You can either buy the full album from iTunes (where they were featured for a little bit according to FrostClick), or you can take a sampling of 7 tracks (which is a LOT to sample), including the very fantastic song “Front Porch, Back Porch”.  The download is via torrent, so you’ll need to have a bittorrent client handy.

Once again, you can download Mouth’s Cradle from FrostClick.  If you’re interested in other albums from Mouth’s Cradle, be sure to check out Mouth’s Cradle vs The Hype and Mouth’s Cradle is Terrible!  Both albums are name-your-price digital downloads.

Note: As far as I can tell, none of the three albums are licensed via Creative Commons – they’re just free tracks given generously by the band.

Edit: Apparently the seven tracks released by FrostClick ARE licensed via Creative Commons.  The license info is in the torrent.

2 thoughts on “Mouth’s Cradle: The Next Big Thing”

  1. Awesome post.The 7 tracks released on FrostWire are indeed licensed under creative commons. Check the folder, there should be a file called license.txt (or so) which includes all the information about the creative commons license of the tracks.


  2. Ah, thanks for the info! I haven't actually downloaded the torrent yet – I only streamed it from FrostClick – so I haven't seen the license info. Thanks again for clearing that up; I'll update the post.


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