Weekly Airwave #7 :: Mouth’s Cradle: Honey From a Stone

Alternative Airwaves audio now hosted on archive.org!  See the corresponding page here: http://www.archive.org/details/WeeklyAirwave7MouthsCradleHoneyFromAStone

Original Air Date: N/A
Artist: Mouth’s Cradle
Track: Honey From a Stone
Album: The Next Big Thing
Genre: Alternative / Hip Hop

Direct Download (4MB)

Info in Brief: Mouth’s Cradle is a duo that produces some high-energy music, mixing between alternative and hip hop sounds. Mouth’s Cradle has teamed up with FrostWire to offer a free 7-track preview of The Next Big Thing, and is available via BitTorrent.

I thought I’d release this a little early – I had a not-so-great start to my Wednesday morning, so maybe this’ll turn it around.

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