Early Adopted :: Let’s Be Honest

Because I don’t offer up enough hip hop music, I present to you: Early Adopted‘s Let’s Be Honest.

Before we get into it, let’s have a look at their Discography.

Let’s Be Honest (July 2009)
I’ll Eat You Up (The Mixtape) (May 2010)
The Move In (Dec 2010)
73 Hours (Feb 2011)

This is a very good introduction to Early Adopted.  It’s my introduction, actually.  I haven’t heard any of the newer stuff, though now I definitely want to check it out.  Let’s Be Honest sounds like a thoughtful, well-produced hip hop album.  It’s certainly a unique album, and not a rehash of what everyone else has done in the world of hip hop.

Who do they sound like?  For the most part, I’d say they’re closest to Eminem in terms of voice – but in every other term, that’s where the comparison stops in my opinion.  After listening through to the album, I think my favourite track is the last one – “Thank-You”.  For lack of a better word, it’s a very sweet song.

Some info about Early Adopted: The group is based in Wareham/Salem, Massachusetts, and have been together since 2007 (or at least, have been on Myspace since then).  They’re signed to Crow’s Nest Records, which seems to only have a functional Myspace website – their official URL is under construction from the looks of things.

You can follow Early Adopted on Twitter; they’re @EarlyAdopted.

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