Tuesday Links – July 12, 2011

Searching through my inbox, I didn’t hear anything that really jumped out as deserving a full post in itself; however I did find some music that was still worthy of being heard.  Oh, by the way – don’t forget that the Weekly Airwave will be airing during Audio Sensory Resuscitation, heard on CKCU FM between 1p-2p.  You can listen online at http://www.ckcufm.com/

  • First up, The Larsens Lupins – Heaven is Worse.  The write-up by FrostClick heaps a little more praise on these guys than I would, but the music is still good.  It’s rock n’ roll inspired by the 60s and 70s, with a little bit of rockabilly in there.  Worth checking out.
  • Waiting in Vain – Awake Again EP.  This one came to me courtesy of afmusic, a German netlabel (they release quite a wide range of music genres).  I’d describe Awake Again as Industrial/Electro Rock.  The EP is actually quite short, comprising of two original tracks and five remixes of the title track, “Awake Again”.  Interesting listen, it’s definitely different.
  • One more from afmusic.  This time it’s Swedish group The Search – and did I mention that afmusic releases a lot of different genres?  The album I picked out wasn’t their latest compilation album, but their 2008 effort Saturnine Songs.  This is pure pop at its best, really.  Actually, parts of it almost reminds me of a light 80s pop sound.  Great album – check it out the next chance you get.

That’s all for today.  I’m going to save a few of my leftover links for full posts in the next few days.

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