Sylvain the Librarian – Staff Only No Vikings Vinyl Release

Sylvain the Librarian was a Jamendo find of mine a LONG time ago (back in the early days of the podcast, when I didn’t do things in a way that made much sense – though not much has changed, I suppose) that I enjoyed a lot.  His album was called Staff Only No Vikings, and was a neat pop album.  My favourite track was the lead track, Money well spnt.

Anyway, Sylvain recently let me know that the album was getting a re-release treatment on vinyl, courtesy of Dymaxion Groove.  On the Alternative Airwaves Facebook page, Sylvain clarified what was done with the new album: “there’s a bonus track, three tracks have been touched up (including Daddy Play) and the whole thing has been remastered. Cheers!”  So, it sounds very cool.  Had I a vinyl player, I would probably try to pick this up.  It’s only $23.00 (plus s&h, I can only assume).

You can buy the album from Dymaxion Groove, where you can also give it a preview.  The other cool thing about it is that the record is “Clear with a blue haze to the center, it matches the beautiful cover illustration by Thibault Cabanas.”  That artwork is pretty great, by the way – here, why don’t I include it in the blog post then?
There’s also a new video for Money well spnt to go along with this release; you can go to it directly via Vimeo, or stream it here!

Sylvain the Librarian – money well spnt from Dymaxion Groove on Vimeo.

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