Cooking with Not From Georgia

Not From Georgia – Love & Umbrella

Not too long ago, indie-pop band Not From Georgia followed me on Twitter.  Their description mentioned specifically that they play CC-licensed music – definitely an eye-catcher.  Let this be a lesson to you: if you make it easily known that you license your music via Creative Commons, I will make sure I pay attention to you.

Moving along; I put ’em straight onto my ipod the first chance I could get.  I listened to them at some point in the weekend but gave them a more attentive listen while I was cooking dinner.  I would love for this post to be something along the lines of the Breakfast Club over at CBC Radio 3, but alas, I am not that well connected.  No, I was merely cooking dinner, and needed some backgroud music.  If you’re interested, the dinner menu was sausages cooked on the BBQ, along with simple boiled potatoes.  Nothing fancy, but I can assure you it was well-enjoyed.
<p><a href=””>Love & Umbrella by Not From Georgia</a></p>
So was Not From Georgia.  They play an indie-pop kind of sound, with a mix of rock in there for good measure (song “Horseback Rider” from their latest album Love & Umbrella being a prime example).  For the most part the songs are well-paced and bouncy (that is literally the word I wrote in my notebook), with some slower paced songs if that’s more your fancy.

Only one other note here in my notebook; that the song “Caroline” has a Return of the Jedi victory song vibe going for it (not in a bad way).

You can download Love & Umbrella for free, or put down a bit of money and buy the limited edition CD version and have it shipped to you.  All of that is possible from their Bandcamp website.

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