Blog’d Music Friday

Hey, it’s another Friday.  Excellent.  That means that I have a long weekend to enjoy!  But first, here’s what’s been going on around the blogs this week.

  • FrostClick recommends an electronic-heavy pop/rock mix from Equals Conquest called “Rummager”.  It’s an interesting album – I’m not sure if all of it is my cup of tea, but there are some good songs in there to be sure.  About the only thing that is uniform across all tracks is the heavy electronic element.
  • Another new release from BlocSonic.  This time, it’s a hip hop outing laced with funk from The Honorable Sleaze called “This Funk”.  Definitely worth checking out – Michael Gregoire always releases high-quality hip hop, and this is no different.
  • Over at CBC Radio 3, on the music notes for July 27th 2011, there’s a link to a Hot Hot Heat cover of Amy Winehouse’s Rehab.  There’s also a link to a new Shad song called “Fearless”.
  • Moving along to HeroHill, the boys there bring us back some more electronic music with a track from Whale Skin.  “Lady” is a pretty sweet track and you can download it free from bandcamp.  Note: This is not a creative commons licensed track.

Therer are a few more, but those are the only ones I’ve listened to.  I’ll save ’em for next Friday!

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