Free Music Tuesday: @blocsonic edition

I will admit it right now: I enjoyed a weekend that included a lot of drinking, doing nothing in the sun, and was free of the technological tether to civilized society.  In short, I was at my friend’s cottage party.  Good times were had.  Do you remember those marble race playsets? Yeah, we played with one from the early 90s that we remembered when we were kids.

The result is I have nothing prepared for this week (yet).  So today you will get the laziest link post; lazy for two reasons: 1) I have not listened to the music I’m linking [more on that in a minute], and 2) someone else has compiled the music and I had nothing to do with it.

tl;dr: Blocsonic presents Netbloc 34: ccMixter Strike’s the Root

Normally I would listen to the music I link to, but in this case I absolutely trust that blocsonic provides top notch listening pleasure.  You can also read a much nicer summary of what the common theme of the netbloc is over there as well.  So go forth and download…I will be doing that tonight when I get home from work.

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