Young [da]Vinchi

Back on August 3rd, I was sent the newest single from hip hop artist Young Vinchi.  I didn’t listen to it right away, but since then, I’ve probably heard it 4 or 5 times.  To be honest, this is one of the few times where a musician (or promoter or label or what have you) has contacted me, and sent me a piece of music to share with everyone else.  Normally I go and find links and sometimes establish dialogue after the fact.  tl;dr: I wanted to get this right (hence not putting this up Thursday night).

I will tell you straight off the bat, Young Vinchi was not on my radar at all.  That shouldn’t be surprising – he’s a hip hop artist, and I don’t really have my finger on the pulse of the hip hop scene.  Before I get too far, let me assure you that I enjoyed the track he sent.  But we’ll get to that in due time – how about joining me on a brief learning excursion to find out more about this Young Vinchi?

Young Vinchi hails from The Bronx in NYC, and his moniker aptly describes him – he is young, at a fresh 24-years old.  His mixtape, “BLC”, has apparently gained a lot of notice on the hip hop scene.  There wasn’t much “official” info, so I did some digging around and found this article, which gives us some more info.  Vinchi was born as Albert Neysmith Jr in the Bronx (as mentioned), and started rapping at the age of 8.  He also went to high school at Banana Kelly High, which is about the best high school name I’ve ever heard.

He moved on to Atlanta in 2007, and recently returned to NYC where he put together new material in studio.  That’s where we get to Getcha Hands Up, an entertaining bouncy track that I enjoyed.  And yes, I listened to it 4 or 5 times, but I would have to listen to more of it in order to catch all the lyrics.  While I’m not 100% certain of what Young Vinchi is rapping about, the lyrics I did pick out were pretty clever.

You can download “Getcha Hands Up” for free with the link below.  To get more information about Young Vinchi and to hear more of his songs, check out these links:
Young Vinchi – Getcha Hands Up
(Link removed)

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