The Sheepdogs

I’m fairly certain just about everyone has heard about The Sheepdogs by now – after all, they are on the cover of the latest edition of Rolling Stone.  Actually it’s funny – until I heard the single “I Don’t Know” played on Audio Sensory Resuscitation on CKCU FM last week, I hadn’t heard of this retro rock group out of Saskatoon; but after I heard them last Tuesday, I immediately saw them everywhere.

First, it was a live session on the CBC Radio 3 Sessions podcast (which I have yet to hear – I hope it’s good!); then I heard the story about appearing on the cover of the Rolling Stone – the first unsigned band to grace the cover of said magazine.  And to top it off, they were on Jimmy Fallon last week.  Of course they’re no longer unsigned, as the magazine gave them a record deal with Atlantic.

All that to say: where the hell was I and why didn’t I know about this band?  I hate it when things like that happen.

And now let me present to you The Sheepdogs: a group that sounds so much like The Guess Who (and in the best way possible), they are a refreshing band to listen to.  It’s strange but good to hear something that sounds so familiar and yet is brand new.  You can buy their latest album – Learn & Burn – from a few places (how about their website?), but you can also download their 2008 album Big Stand for free!  Learn & Burn is definitely the better album, but Big Stand is also quite the treat.  They also have an album from 2007 available to purchase.

All albums can be streamed online from The Sheepdogs’ official website,

Oh, speaking of Audio Sensory Resuscitation – it’s on again TODAY at 1PM EST.  Listen at 93.1 FM in Ottawa or online at  There’ll be another Weekly Airwave during that time as well!

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