Friday Quick Links

I wonder how long it takes for me to stop being able to come up with different blog titles involving “Friday” and any variation on “quick links”?  Already I’m reduced to “Friday Quick Links”, today.  We’ll see what pops up next week (hint: it might actually be a podcast?).

Here are some quick notes on some bands I discovered on my own this week:

  • Pony Picture – Pony Picture – Reminds me of Franz Ferdinand (slightly). A mixture of indie rock / pop.
  • Tiny White Radio – Radio Operator – This is a single track album (perhaps you might call it a…single?), and while Tiny White Radio’s nationality is unknown, it seems fairly safe to assume they’re British.  Very Brit-sounding pop tune, with what sounds like influences from The Clash.
  • Tornado – An Invention (Audi A1 Version) – This single was inexplicably tagged “Justin Timberlake”, so I had to check it out.  The result is actually a really nice, fast-paced indie track.  I like the guitars in this one, they give it a nice flavour.
  • Leslie Hunt – Your Hair is On Fire – I think this is actually my favourite find.  It’s some pretty sweet pop rock AND it’s a strong female voice – something often lacking in my picks.  Oh, it’s also got a sort of reggae vibe on some of the tracks, so there’s definitely a variety in sound on this album.

Picks from around the Blogosphere

  • Boca Chica (via FrostClick) – From Pittsburgh, this is a band that apparently has had over 40 members since they started.  Now, they’ve got a lineup of 6, and they play some very nice folk/pop music.  Available for free is their 3-track EP.
  • D’Lyfa Reilly: Sewing Seeds (via FrostClick) – Do you like thoughtful hip-hop that features smooth R&B sounds and an irresistable British accent?  Then this 7-track album is for you!  It’s a compilation of tracks recorded by D’Lyfa between 2009 and 2010.
  • Elmo Buzz & The Eastside Bulldogs (AKA Todd Snider) – Shit Sandwich (via A Truer Sound) – I’ll admit to not having listened to this yet – just came across my “desk” this afternoon.  However, A Truer Sound heavily vouches for it so I’m willing to give it a chance.
  • Curly Jefferson and His Orchestra – Ooh La La! (via FrostClick) – Man, I need to tap FrostClick’s sources.  This is some awesome hip hop, sampling some sweet jazz sounds.  You can never go wrong with raunchy jazz with your hip hop.  Also, the title brings back some fond memories.  Don’t worry, that link is perfectly SFW.  Anyway, be sure to check out the single “Blame Me boy“.

That’s it for me today.  I have a few more links but I think I’m gonna have to save them.  This is already way more than I originally planned (never a bad thing)!

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