Virtual Radio DJs + Divided By Design

I originally wasn’t going to write anything more than a music recommendation (and I’ll get to that shortly) but a recent post over at got my attention.  Apparently a community radio station in San Antonio is set to debut a completely programmed virtual radio DJ on August 24th.

The thing cost $200 – a one-time payment, interestingly – and simply needs a script.  It’s going to be on KROV at 1PM CDT on the 24th; like Mr. Cross, as a radio industry employee I’m more than a little unnerved at the prospect of a programmed DJ taking the job of a live on-air personality (especially on a community radio station).  However, I won’t deny that I’m a little intrigued at the prospect.  Will she actually perform well?  Will she fail miserably at being a DJ?

I for one will be tuning in to listen.  I honestly don’t believe that this is the shape of things to come / the death knell of the radio industry, but more of a publicity stunt (I mean it IS a community radio station).  This is just a novelty, and listeners probably won’t stand for a programmed DJ.  If you’re interested in listening, and you’re in the Eastern time zone like me, it’ll be August 24th at – I think – 2PM EDT.

Now onto my recommendation!  In another example of someone using twitter to get me to pay attention to their music, we have Divided By Design.  They followed me, and I asked if they had music – simple as that!  And, as it turns out, they have three tracks for free download at their website,

I’ll be honest – I developed a pre-conception of their music before I even heard it.  With a name like “Divided By Design”, I guessed that they played a solid Rock sound similar to what you’d hear from bands like Three Days Grace, Theory of a Deadman, or other bands you might hear on 106.9 The Bear (my apologies to other Ottawa stations – I’m trying to remain neutral).  I was right – the band labels themselves as an Alternative Rock group (I guess that’s different in my mind from Alternative and Rock), and the music is similar to bands I mentioned above.

Interestingly though, their influences are wide and varied and include bands that sound quite different – bands like Sonic Youth, The Arcade Fire, and Jane’s Addiction.  Granted, I’m basing this on three tracks – and some of their other influences (Finger Eleven, The Rapture, Red Hot Chili Peppers, etc.) are bang on with their sound.  Also, isn’t it so weird that new bands are already claiming Finger Eleven and The Arcade Fire as influences?  I feel slightly old.

You can check them out at and look forward to an album from them possibly this year!

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