In which I avoid making lame apologies

I just thought I would let you know (officially) that until I get settled in to my new digs in the new house next week(end), I probably won’t be updating the blog.  I’ve got one last Weekly Airwave that I should be able to put up for next Wednesday, but that’s about it.

I probably could put some posts up at work, but one of the “trying new things” aspects for the blog that I’m going to put into effect for the “new season” (read: my seasons correspond with the school year, it seems) is that I’m going to have dedicated days set for working on the blog and the podcast.  I feel that this will lead to a better experience for anyone who likes to read what I have to say, and for those who enjoys listening to my voice every two weeks.

The good news here is that I’m going to have a lot of free time to do all of this, so it’s (hopefully) not just a bunch of empty words.

Trust me, I have a lot of music saved up to write about, even though some of it has probably been floating around the music blogosphere for a while now.  Still, I like to think that some people want my particular take on it.  I mean, be honest – just about everything posted on FrostClick is described as “quirky folk” 😉 (No offense FrostClick – you guys pick out some solid music!)

See you in September!

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