Il abanico – Crossing Colors EP

Clearly, this group is not Canadian or else Il abanico’s charming EP would be titled “Crossing Colours” and not Crossing Colors.  Neverless, this is an awesome little album (hence, “EP”) full of some cool pop sounds.

What I liked the most – other than the solid beats and “sing-along-able” tracks – was that Il abanico features an amazing female lead vocal, Juliana Landeros.  The other part of Il abanico is guitarist Nicolás Losada.  I have no idea how you’re supposed to pronounce that “á”, incidentally.  Other members include Miguel Arroyo on guitar, Ale Giuliani on drums and percussion, and Sayuri Shimada on bass.

<p><a href=””>Crossing Colors EP by Il abanico</a></p>
Apparently, though Landeros and Losada are both from Columbia, they met up in Boston to start making music. Weird how that kind of thing happens! I wish I knew more about how they met, but I suppose that is up to me to try and contact the band rather than just paraphrase the Frostclick article where I first heard about them.

Speaking of that article, the author – Valerie – mentioned that her only complaint was that this was a short, 5-song album. That’s a pretty valid complaint, because I would certainly appreciate many more catchy pop tunes like the ones found on Crossing Colors.

Some other notes about the EP: it was recorded in Studio G in Brooklyn in December 2010, and mastered by Chad Clark at Beauty Pill in Washington DC in February 2011.  The actual release date was also in February 2011.  Very cool stuff!

You can download Crossing Colors by Il abanico from their Bandcamp website.

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