We Are The Grand – Chasing Lights EP

Another EP for you this week, this time from Chilean rock group We Are The Grand.  I should note though that while they formed in Chile, they are actually based in Liverpool.  What is with these great groups worlds apart from their starting places?  It’s pretty cool, but also quite weird.

We Are The Grand released their first EP back in 2009 under the name The Grand, but decided to change it up a little with the release of their latest album, Chasing Lights.  It’s also an EP, but like Il abanico’s EP I covered earlier this week, where it lacks in quantity it makes up for it in quality.  Oh, and this EP was actually released in June of 2010, so hopefully there’s some new stuff coming fairly soon.

Chasing Lights is full of some solid Alternative / Rock music (though leaning closer to the Rock side of things), and opens with a really strong track in “I Just Want It Tonight”.  When I was listening, I thought that they had a style very similar to bands like Mobile or The New Cities – like they could have been straight out of the pop-rock scene in Montreal.

But alas, as I mentioned above, they are Chilean by way of Liverpool. Can I call them Transplanted Liverpooleans? Anyway, Chasing Lights is a great 5-track EP and well worth the download, which you can grab from www.wearethegrand.com/

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