State of the Blog Address

On more than one occasion, I’ve thought about what do do with this blog. I’ve written about this before, so any regular readers know this is something I do a lot. Probably more often than I actually write original blog posts.

I really wish I had the same passion for writing about music as I do broadcasting it. You see, the only reason I keep this going is because I have fun putting the podcast together and sending my voice over the airwaves. The purpose of this blog has always been as a supplement to the podcast. Along the way, it became a means to an end: I thought that by writing blog posts every few days or so would keep people coming to the blog, and in turn lead to more people listening to the podcast.

This is why I have always tried to make some sort of effort into updating the blog. I have the constant fear that if I only put up a blog post once every two weeks, nobody is going to be interested in the podcast. I know that established podcasts are able to do this just fine (Rathole Radio, for one) – but even then, I don’t know how the heck Dan Lynch got so darn popular in the first place. It’s crazy and it’s something I’d love to replicate, but nothing works the same way twice on the Internet (or Narnia, I guess).

However, as I’m sure most of you readers are well aware, I’m terrible at writing about music. And trust me, I’ve tried the whole ‘practice’ thing. It’s just not for me. I don’t see music the same way I see a well-crafted movie/TV show/book.  I merely recognize music I like, and I add it to my library. Before I started the podcast, writing about it consisted of “Hey, check out this music because I think it’s pretty awesome!”  To me personally, this doesn’t work as a blog post (which is funny, because these are the type of music blog posts I prefer over the wordy reviews).

What does this all tell me? I should stop with the attempts at writing about music, and stick with posting podcasts. So, effective as of this week’s podcast, here are the changes coming to Alternative Airwaves:

  • The blog will only be updated for podcasts (full-length bi-weekly episodes + Weekly Airwaves), and special posts (interviews, artist profiles, etc.)
  • I will still be recommending awesome free music – over at the Facebook Page.  Become a fan to stay updated
  • Even shorter updates will be on Twitter, but that’s sort of where I “converse” with everyone.

I hope that clears everything up for everybody, and effectively manages expectations. What this means to me, personally, is that I can just focus on picking great music for the podcasts and spend more time working on improving them, vs spending time frustrating myself trying to do unique write-ups.  It might also mean an increase in podcast frequency – but we’ll see about that.
Thanks for reading, and I hope more than anything else you continue to enjoy the podcast.

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