#34 – New Format, Same Struggles

Well, the debut of a new podcast format did not come without its stumbles. It’s still very much a work in progress, and I can only improve from here. I apologize for the poor mic quality – that’s also something I need to fix again.  Some great music this week though, so click away and listen!  Here are the show notes!

– Paper Plane Pilots – Places (0:13:00)
 Segment 1 – New Releases
– The Open Up and Bleeds – I Don’t Wanna Die (Anymore) (0:03:51)
   – An Act of Love and Violence was released October 4th, 2011
– Bernie Bandicoot – Positive (0:06:28)
   – Lorraine was released October 4th, 2011
  – Professor Kliq – Bollywood Blades (0:11:23)
   – from Blocsonic’s netBloc 34 released September 27th 2011)
 Segment 2 – Honourable Mentions
– The Morning Light Project – Slicer (0:16:08)
   – From the album Interface
+ Mentioned latest FrostWire promo for Azoora and Gracielita from the 23 Seconds netlabel– Tsars – Intro / Whispers (0:19:58)
   – From the Whispers EP, released August 8 2011
– Derek Klegg – Be Free (0:25:34)
   – From the album Across Town, released September 2, 2011
+ mentioned Start Your Own Rebellion Mixtape
– Charles Hurts – Guess Again (0:30:15)
   – From the Tough Love Records compilation Young & Research II; hear more music from Charles Hurts   on Myspace

With exception to Charles Hurts’ “Guess Again”, all tracks are licensed via Creative Commons.

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