#38 – Looking Forward, Looking Back

Welcome to the first of the last two podcasts for 2011!  Lots of great stuff this week, with new releases in the first segment and the last segment filled with some of my old favourites from 2011.  Plus, a special timely cover to end off the podcast.  On with the show!

Segment 1 – New Releases

Winter Severity Index – “The Wiser” (Winter Severity Index EP, Dec 9 2011)
Rozwell Kid – “Rocket” (The Rozwell Kid LP, Sept 5 2011)
CABAU Philippe – “Thsoe Reporters” (Just For You, Nov 30 2011)
Boy Things – “Dirty Dancing” (Boy Things EP, Oct 14 2011)

Segment 2 – Looking Back

The Easton Ellises – “Endorphin” (EP One)
Mouth’s Cradle – “Front Porch, Back Porch
Ellus Bellus – “Sticks, Stones and My Bones”
Sliimy – “Womanizer” (Britney Spears cover)

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