New Feature (sort of) (not really)

I made a vague mention of this on Twitter today: all of a sudden, I felt overcome with a feeling of excitement and enthusiasm for the blog/podcast for 2012.  Basically, as per my resolution, I want to try some new things in an effort to bring some more unique content, instead of offering up a bland “Here are some songs I liked” mixtape.

So I bring you a (sort of) new(ish) feature: Songs I Like From the FMA.  Here’s why I’m doing it: I find that most songs available at the FMA are – while enjoyable – live recordings, which I don’t tend to throw in my listening loop very often.  You see, the songs I pick for the podcast are generally songs that I will be happy to have show up when I put my iPod on shuffle.

Plus, sometimes I get confused by the wording of the FMA licenses – particularly with the stuff curated by CBC Radio 3.  While I highly doubt that the CBC is going to come after me for playing one of their uploaded songs in a podcast, I usually try to stay on the legal side of things.  So I will be making random posts throughout 2012 highlighting some of the songs I’ve found on the FMA that I enjoyed, but did not see fit to include them in a podcast (although some of these might wind up in a podcast).

We’ll start with an offering from Hey Rosetta, and a live performance of their most excellent song, “Yer Spring” from Seeds (2011).  I’d love to give you some more information on the performance itself, such as where and when this took place, but the page is unusually bare.

Hey Rosetta is one of those bands where I have to really be in the mood to listen to them, or else I only enjoy blasting one or two of their songs while driving in the car.  I’m very choosey, but “Yer Spring” is one of those few songs that sticks with me.

“Yer Spring” is available for free download over at the Free Music Archive.  Please note, there may be some strong language in this song so if you have sensitive ears nearby, please plug them at your discretion.

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