#41 – Big Wilson River, We Used to Exist, MUTE

The first podcast of 2012! I switched things up a bit from the last regular podcast, and I think things will continue this way for a while. I mention in the podcast that I’m going to try to throw a few more features from time to time; but more on that another time.  Enjoy for now!

  1. Big Wilson River – Dandelion – Bandcamp | Facebook page
  2. Keep Tidy – Goochie Main – Website | Facebook | Twitter
  3. Keep Tidy – Simpsons Quotes
  4. City of Glass – Sticks and Stones – Website | Bandcamp | Twitter | Facebook | iTunes
  5. We Used to Exist – Someone is Calling Me – Website | Bandcamp | Facebook
  6. MUTE – When the Chips Are Down – Blocsonic | Facebook | Tha Silent Partner | Formula
  7. Brad Sucks & The HipCola – SOS – Brad Sucks | The HipCola

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