Review: Kellee Maize – Integration (2011)

Two years ago, Kellee Maize released her album Aligned Archetype, which has been downloaded over 400,000 times according to her website.  That album also received several accolades, but more importantly, was well-received by fans of the music: Maize was the #1 most downloaded artist on,, and the #1 Google search result for “female rapper”.

Her follow-up album, 2011’s Integration, is no different: it is definitely a success.  I can’t find any download numbers, but suffice it to say, it’s insanely popular.  And from what I’ve heard, that’s no surprise – Integration is, by all accounts, a fantastic hip hop album.

Maize leads off the album with what I believe is its strongest track: “Mad Humans”.  The corresponding video is a treat to watch – I believe it is an homage to the TV show Mad Men, from what I remember.  I don’t want to try to analyze the lyrics, because I’d do a horrible job, but I believe “Mad Humans” talks about the oppression of women in society.  Don’t quote me on that, please.

While that is what I consider to be the “strongest” track, it speaks volumes about the quality of the album when I don’t even deem it my favourite.  That honour goes to “The Fact Is”, a neat little track 5 songs in.  The rest of the album is energetic and a treat to listen to.  I wish I was a better music reviewer, so that I could actually say even nicer things about it.  I guess what you need to take from this is that I really liked the album, and I’d give it a 5 out of 5 stars.  Definitely download it!

It’s a wonder that Maize continues to release her albums for free – I am positive she would make a killing because her fans definitely would buy her music.  I know I would!  It just goes to show – she’s doing this for the love of the music.

Oh, and I mentioned that Maize has a cool video for “Mad Humans”; in fact, she has a lot of videos for several songs from Integration.  The production is always high quality stuff, and worth checking out.  Here’s the “Mad Humans” video:

2 thoughts on “Review: Kellee Maize – Integration (2011)”

  1. Are you serious? The only reason why this chick has the most hits on YouTube, Facebook and Google it's because she uses an illegal software that spams thousands of people. Check out any of her video's on YouTube and you will see thousands of comments from people all over the world complaining that her and her "Nachternal" Girls are spamming them like 20x a day! If you view any of her other videos that aren't controlled by her they have hardly any views. Kellee Maize is fake and trying to use some hupla knowledge that she learned off Michael Moores movies and claiming it as hers. I give this album 1 star !


  2. Well, I'm not sure I can agree with you on any of your points since you don't have anything to back them up; however I will point to the quality of the album as a reason for giving it 5 stars. I don't think it's fair to rate something based on anything other than the album itself.


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