#45 – The United93, Barreracudas

A short podcast to follow-up the ridiculously long ‘cast from two weeks ago.  I had some issues with Jamendo when it came time to put the podcast together, so a couple of artists had repeat songs.  If you want to check out the artists I would have played, links will follow the playlist.

  1. The United93 – Plastic Heart (EP of The United93, March 2010) | Bandcamp | Facebook Twitter
  2. Barreracudas – Diet Coke (Live at WFMU on Terre T’s Cherry Blossom Clinic, Nov 12, 2011) | Douchemaster Records
  3. Shark? – Down Low (Live on Beastin’ the Airwaves with Keili on WFMU, Oct 23 2011) | Bandcamp
  4. The United93 – Kung-Fu Fighters (See above)
  5. Jackie & the Cedrics – Red River (Live at WFMU on Three Chord Monte with Joe Black, Nov 10 2011)
  6. Stray Dogg – Break (Almost, May 30 2011) | Last.fm
  7. Peter Case – House Rent Party (Live on the Cherry Blossom Clinic with Terre T on WFMU, Oct 8 2011) | Website
  8. Barreracudas – Promises, Promises (See above)
  9. The United93 – Over the Rainbow (See above)

To buy a copy of the Barreracudas’ new album, Nocturnal Missions, head to their record label Douchemaster Records (link above).

To purchase The United93’s latest album, Yellow Fever, you can do so from their Bandcamp webpage (link also above).

Check out these bands on Jamendo: Cinemon57jackbraves.

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