This Week in Music Blogs – Week 19/2012

The structure of these posts is still a work in progress.  I decided this week to post the links on Sunday, at the end of the week, to make sure I get all of this week’s posts in.  And, to do a little write-up of what you’ll find below.

This week most of the music I found (and actually, most of the music I find every week) is dominated by roots/Americana/blues/however you want to call it; there’s one tribute to MCA; and two places where you’ll find some more “indie”-sounding music (Herohill and Chromewaves).  Not too much in the way of free music this week, but there are a lot of reviews and write-ups to check out (most of which include streaming music).

I hope you enjoyed your weekend – now you can get some sweet music to keep you entertained throughout the week.

Free Music

  • (Re)Covered, vol XXV: New coverage from Rose Cousins, Ryan Adams, the Stringdusters, Rani Arbo & more! (Cover Lay Down)
  • Montes Rook: Patience – beautiful acoustic indie folk #free (FrostClick)
  • Favorites-of ’12: CFCF Exercises (Herohill)
  • RIP MCA (Adam Yauch) 1964 – 2012 (Versions Galore)
  • Update: New EP Released Today – Bird Dog – ‘Cabin’ (Popa’s Tunes)


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