This Week in Music Blogs – Week 24/2012

I haven’t really kept up with the happenings in the music sphere this week, because I’ve been bogged down at work and organizing a team for a media softball tournament.  That’s all behind me now, and I still have some links saved up for you!

Just a note about the podcast though: Episode 53, set to air June 30th, 2012, will be a “best of” podcast.  I’ve selected an older podcast (it’s from two years ago) and will put it back online.  It’s one of the episodes that is no longer available on iTunes, and I know I won’t have time that week to get an episode done.  So, why not re-introduce some people to older episodes?  I will have a few more during the summer no doubt, and I will give a head’s up when it happens.

Enough of that – here are some links!

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