#65 – Another Look at 2012

What better way to welcome the new year, 2013, then by looking back at some music from 2012?  I can’t think of any other way.  So join me for some great tracks that I missed in 2012 (shame on me).  There are some great songs and artists here – hopefully you’ll find something you like as well.


  1. Swear and Shake – These White Walls (Maple RidgeCheck out a YouTube video about the making of the album
  2. Jermaine Riley – Smallville (Hello Earth)
  3. Phoenix Imago – Have I Told You Today? (Respect)
  4. Devyn Rose – Dream (D.E.V.Y.N. EP)
  5. Kellee Maize – In Tune (Owl Time)
  6. No Way Josie! – Around the World (Fake Money Remix)
  7. The Easton Ellises – Dance It, Dance All (Motel Costes Mix)
  8. Low Level Flight – Cash Machine (Through These Walls) | Soundcloud

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