#67 – Brad Sucks Remix Show

I didn’t have anything prepared, so I went and downloaded a bunch of remixes from ccmixter.org.  Actually, I used the new “dig.ccmixter” tool that they just launched.  Check it out here.

I couldn’t find exact links to the tracks that I found, but view the search results here – I’ve copied the titles of all of the songs I used, so it should be fairly easy to find them!  I only went a few pages in.
  1. Making Me Nervous – The Furious Remix – wellman
  2. Ain’t Fixin’ My Brain – copperhead
  3. Sick As A Dog – Straight Out The Hood Mix – J. Lang
  4. Plastic Surgery (ft. Brad Sucks, Robert Siekawitch) – copperhead
  5. Look And Feel Years Younger Remix – Wired_Ant
  6. Fake It Remix – RunningMan
  7. Change In Me – scottaltham
  8. Dropping Out of School – TheDICE

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