#70 – Summer’s Here?

Summer seems to have suddenly switched on!  At least, that’s the case in Ottawa.  In today’s slightly shorter episode, I’ve picked some “classic” songs and some newer songs, and also was completely unaware of the technical glitches at the start of the podcast.  No solid topics of conversation in the show, just lots of great music.  If you’re an App developer, you have until June 9th to submit something to the Jamendo App Contest.

To listen, download from Archive.orgiTunes, or Stitcher.  Please note I am aware of the technical issues downloading the podcast from iTunes; if you have an iOS device, you should be able to download from the Podcasts app without problem.  Or just get Stitcher – it’s pretty great.

  1. Kris Roche – 30 Day Trial
  2. .audiosport – The One
  3. I Am Not Lefthanded – Brace Brace
  4. Great White Buffalo – Likely Story
  5. The National Orchestra of the United Kingdom of Goats – The Unyielding Summons
  6. Rouzy Rouzy ft. Phil Kahan & Tino Cochino – All Night Long
  7. Reno Project – Little Cookie
  8. The Womb – Mrs. Mulaney
  9. MC Frontalot – Spoiler Alert
  10. Talk Less Say More – The Something Sonata
  11. Who Ha – Khaki
  12. Mr. Wilfred – Addicted to Speed

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