#71 – Celebrating blocSonic’s netBlocs

I’ve finally recorded another podcast!  It took me a while to put together, because I was trying to cherry pick the best music from blocSonic’s netBloc series, while at the same time making it all flow together.  Plus I’ve been quite busy (it’s summer time!).  What you’ll find in this podcast are songs selected from 44 different releases from blocsonic.com.  See you next episode!

Download from Archive.org | Listen on iTunes! | Stream on Sticher

Track Listing:

  1. BJ Block + Dawn Pemberton – Without a Doubt (netBloc 43)
  2. Shad + Skratch Bastid – Outta My Head (netBloc 44)
  3. Georgia – I Don’t Want to Live on the Moon (netBloc 12)
  4. Men In Route – Born to Shine (netBloc 15)
  5. Bilk – Allies (netBloc 19)
  6. The Harvey Girls – Good Morning Bubblegum (netBloc 16)
  7. The Dots – Simple Thing (netBloc 21)
  8. Just Plain Ant ft. Bad Oblivion – In The Air (netBloc 18)
  9. Gates – I Remember When (netBloc 25)
  10. ETHX ft. Sedrick the MC – The Opening (netBloc 26)
  11. Jonathan Coulton – Re: Your Brain (netBloc 27)
  12. Rare & Cheese – Jazz Police (netBloc 29)
  13. Public Enemy ft. Brother Ali – Get Up Stand Up (netBloc 44)

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