#72 – Music To Go Back in Time With

Don’t forget to set your clocks back an hour this weekend!  That is, if you’re currently in Daylight Savings Time. Some new tracks from Jamendo.com and Blocsonic this time around – lots of different tracks to enjoy.  Download via iTunes, Stitcher, or from archive.org!  Learn about some crab logos here: http://abduzeedo.com/logo-design-crabs

  1. The Easton Ellises – Ersatz
  2. Anny Sky – All Rights Reserved
  3. Zoe Leela – Come On
  4. Paul Klason – I Want Your Body
  5. Backnbloom – Heed the Flashes
  6. Tamara Laurel – I Want You
  7. Yury – DeLorean
  8. The Gray Havens – Let’s Get Married
  9. Wake Owl – Wild Country
  10. Julandrew – Don’t Wanna Wake Up
  11. Mr & Mrs. Smith – Shootin’ Blanks
  12. Awake! Awake! – We Were Home
  13. Josh Woodward – Memory Replaced
  14. Capital Grass and the No Men – Black Aces (hear their track at CBC Music and vote starting November 23rd!)

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