#78 – The Road Trip Special

Not to be confused with the CBC Radio 3 Podcast Road Trip special, I’ve done this a couple of times in homage (read: rip off) of my favourite Canadian music podcast.  While this podcast does not feature 100% Canadian music (in fact, I think it’s 0% this week!), I talk about the Trans Canada Highway and some trivia related to it.  All music today comes from Jamendo.com – check it all out below.

Listen via Stitcher, iTunes, or archive.org!

  1. Neon Bicycles – Hard Times
  2. The Freak Fandango Orchestra – We’ll Save the World
  3. Quentin Hannappe – I Wanna Be
  4. NaTtA – C’est la vie
  5. In Isolation – The Wrong Girl
  6. The Morning Light – Under My Red Carpet
  7. The Heavens – Echo Serena
  8. Welcome to Ashley – Light of Love
  9. The Windy City – Games
  10. The New Economy – A New Morning
  11. JEKK – Day Free
  12. Jason Brock – Fly On (MC Jack In The Box Edit)
  13. Karmavibe – Candy From Strangers
  14. Sam Brown – Who Cares

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